Kim Killam Brown CFP, CLU, CDFA, EPC

Killam Agency was opened in 1985 by my father Hal Killam, as the first Money Concepts franchise in Canada. Hal has been in the financial services industry since 1964, I joined him in 1990.

As a team we developed a successful local business devoted to serving our clients and building quality, long term relationships. We strive to provide a warm, friendly, family – style atmosphere, which encourages people to feel comfortable discussing their concerns, goals and opportunities.

This allows us to work with our clients, developing a unique plan to help navigate their way through lifes challenges, on their way to achieving their financial goals.

Helping people meet their goals

My goal is to help people turn their dreams into reality. Through an integrated approach to personal finance, I can help you:

  • Assess your current financial situation;
  • Sort out your financial priorities;
  • Set realistic goals;
  • Provide a written financial plan for you with recommendations
  • Put the financial tools in place to achieve these goals; and
  • Regularly review your financial position.

As an independent company, we are free to comparative shop and choose the financial services and products that best meet your needs.

Long term relationships

The only successful financial planning relationships are long-term relationships. It takes time to fully understand the complex financial, retirement and protection needs of the family, and to build the foundation for a safe and secure future.

My aim is to eliminate the confusion and stress which is associated with managing your financial affairs. Friendly, face-to-face service, which takes the mystery out of financial planning, is what I strive for.

Money Concepts is one of the very few companies in Canada that can offer you independent, personalized financial planning services backed by the market strength and expertise of a large, coast-to-coast network of offices. We’re free to shop the market and select the companies, products and services that best meet your financial needs and goals.

What to expect

Everyone has different ideas about financial independence and financial comfort. Your age, attitudes and dreams will determine how your financial plan will unfold. I will listen to your financial goals and translate them into a customized plan.

A confidential analysis of your income, assets and expenses – what you earn, what you own and what you owe, is the first step.

Next, we’ll look at what you want out of your life: maybe it’s money for retirement, savings for your children’s education or the cash for your own business venture.

An analysis of this information and determine how to maximize your financial resources to get what you want. I’ll show you how to do it in a thorough, written plan and help you implement your plan.

Finally, to keep you on track as your needs and goals change, I’ll review your plan with you on a regular basis and help you fine-tune it.

No cost to you

Best of all, we offer all these services at no cost to you. We are reimbursed by the companies with whom we place your business – just like a travel agent. It’s a trouble-free, cost-effective approach to financial management.


Kim Brown has been handling the employee RRSPs and other investment issues here at Brett Chevrolet Cadillac for more than 5 years. During that time we have had strong growth markets and very dismal markets, and through all this Kim has shown an ability to both execute from an investment perspective, as well as a genuine concern for the individual and their money.

On the money side, the results from Kim’s advise have been better than other investor people that we know. That is very important, but we think more important, is the caring approach to each employee and their personal needs and concerns. We have had people in this role previously, and know that it takes a special personality and ability to earn and keep the relationship that Kim has built with our staff.

We would be pleased to speak directly to anyone for a more detailed referral for the strengths that Kim brings to this role.

Lorne Brett – Brett Chevrolet Cadillac


I met Kim Brown in 1996 when I need the services of a financial planner for my mother. Mom’s stock brokerage firm for the last 40 years had informed her that her portfolio was "too small" for them to continue to manage. Within the year, Mom had two falls and then knee replacement surgery and my father was assessed for nursing home care. Mom needed to ensure her own income and cover father’s nursing home care at over $40,000 per year.

Kim came to our home frequently and in a very caring and compassionate way, worked with my Mother through all of these issues. She took time to research options related to the stock transfers, life insurance, income splitting - even provincial regulations on assets assess for nursing home fees. She took time to explain options and was very quick and effective in transactions.

Over the years, she has guided us through our changes in life and changes in the financial world around us. Kim would review Mom’s portfolio with us semi annually and as opportunities opened with new products and services, she was proactive in her research and recommendations for us.

Kim’s hallmarks are her genuine care and compassion for people, her ability to explain financial products and services in understandable terms and her open and honest approach with us in all situations. I have worked with other financial planners in other cities and have found Kim to be far and above in her care and service. We count her as a close family friend!

Jay Brown

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